What to Expect from Wonderwild’s Open Indoor Play Areas

Open indoor play areas

Indoor playgrounds have gained immense popularity over the years for obvious reasons. They are safer, weather-proof, and allow parents to keep track of what the children are doing at all times within an enclosed space. Even the latest stats attest to the popularity of indoor playgrounds. In 2022, indoor play centres across the US earned revenue of 714.9 million USD recording a growth of 8.6%.

Popularity aside, it’s ultimately the quality of the indoor playground facility that determines your experience. So, if you are planning to take your child to a local indoor play area in Houston, consider visiting Wonderwild.

Come & Explore Wonderwild

Wonderwild is one of the most popular open indoor play areas in Houston, catering to children within the age group of 4 – 11 years. With multiple activity zones and attractive structures like the Croc Slide, Pirate Ship, indoor jumping, multi-stories, playscapes etc., Wonderwild creates the perfect ambience for children to have a great time with peers. The facility comes equipped with all essential facilities along with safety attributes that parents will not find in a local park or play centre.

We arrange open plays on the weekdays at fixed hours between 4 am and 6 pm. Members are allowed entry into the facility an hour earlier, which is 9 am. Parents can book open play slots at affordable prices starting from $12. Besides open play, Wonderwild also allows group plays for children on weekdays.    

What Our Indoor Play Area Offers

As the favourite kid’s play zone in Houston, Texas, Wonderwild guarantees unlimited fun at reasonable prices. Other than open play, there is a provision for private play time on weekends. You have to book the space and time seven days in advance.

We charge a nominal amount of $150 for a group of ten children for a duration of one hour. Additional minutes are charged at $40 for each fifteen minutes. The place offers children with a safe and fun space, while the parents can relax and watch over the children. While your children make new friends, you can mingle with fellow parents and create new bonds with peer groups.


Wonderwild has everything that you want at an indoor play area for kids. Visit us to experience it for yourself. Feel free to ring us if you have any queries.