Party Details

Our policies are in place to ensure you and your kids have the best possible experience at Wonderwild! Take a moment to learn more.
Every party’s better with food! Order through Wonderwild, or bring in your own for a $30 outside food fee. *
*Fee does not apply to light, dry snacks like chips and dips, or fruit and veggie trays, morning parties with breakfast-type foods, for pizza from any company or if you bring your own Chick-fil-A or other chicken fingers type meals. You may bring your own drinks and ice cream in a cooler full of ice. Wonderwild does not provide ice, freezer or refrigerator space.
If you are having your own food delivered, we strongly suggest you have the food arrive at the very latest 15 minutes before your guests go into the party room.


Order any large (14″) one-topping pizza for $18, or multiple-topping pizzas for $22. All pizzas are cut into 8 slices unless you would like to have them double-cut into 16 slices. We order pizza from Domino’s.


Bring your own drinks without incurring a food fee. No alcoholic beverages allowed.

Food And Beverage Policy

Prices are subject to change without notice. To cancel food orders placed by Wonderwild, do so at least 48 hours before your party date/time. Otherwise we will be unable to cancel. Orders placed less than 48 hours before your party cannot be canceled. Wonderwild does not claim to be an allergy-free (peanut, tree nut, etc) facility. Please consider this before coming to the facility with children that have severe allergies.